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Company Profile

Established in October 2014, Shenzhen YZ Robot  Co. Ltd. specializes in the research and development of artificial intelligence(AI) products. "YZ Robot" means "Your Zip robot". Our office is located in the Technology Park of Nanshan, Shenzhen and the manufacturing factory is in Guangming District, Shenzhen.

Service robots, patrol robot, ROS robot kit for open source, machine vision and computer vision are the core business of the company. Our belief is that people should have access to intelligent robots in order to benefit from their applications.

Our mission is to produce affordable, reliable yet safe robotic software and hardware, with simple user interface for end users in factory and also in households. The company has invested heavily in R&D and training of staff experienced in software development, computer system architecture and algorithm design.We can use it to monitor the house by controlling it with our mobile phone.

Mr9, M100” are  trade-off patrol robot which are used in IDC (Internet Data Center),  factory plants and some public safety inspection applications. These robots using LIDAR + VSLAM + GPS to get good SLAM and navigation performance. They all have FLIR infrared camera and HD zoomed optical camera, along with good computer vision analysis firmware, it can report all the abnormal events during automatically patrolling.

DSR01/02"indoor delivery robot are designed for restaurant, hotel and hospital delivery service. DSR01/02 have six-wheel elastic chassis, 110~125cm in height, 10KG in payload, two independent 36X36X36cm storage boxes. With waterproof splash design, LIDAR and computer-vision do SLAM and obstacle avoidance. It can be configured with UWB positioning network to achieve accurate positioning and navigation. The robots have optional 4G module and optional video remote monitoring; it can be equipped with elevator control module, gate access control and other third-party security modules, which can freely and accurately access the gate, automatic door, elevator and so on.

"ROSYZ Robot kits" i are ROS robot platforms which are prepared for students and robot fans who studying ROS and want to own a low cost high performance ROS open source platform. We provide all hardware schematic drawing and all software source code for this robot.

Mission and philosophy

The exponential age of robotics is imminent. The field of artificial intelligence, coupled with cost-effective microprocessor chips, hardware, efficient algorithms, and cloud computing,  drives this technology advancement. We believe this timing is ideal to tap into these resources to service the public, and society in the wider scope before the industry “explodes”. Although the future in AI is filled with uncertainties and complexities, we are confident that our products would provide affordable usability and value to end users on the road to greater convenience and happiness in their daily lives.

Above photo is our office building in Shenzhen.

Online chat

Service Hotline
+86 139 2383 0386
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