Delivery Service Robot
Designed for factory, hotel, hospital delivery service.

DSR02-A/B/C Delivery Service Robot
     DSR02 series indoor delivery robot are designed for factory, hotel and hospital delivery service. DSR02 robot have six-wheel elastic chassis, 125cm in height, 40KG in payload, three independent 40X40X30cm storage boxes or three tray-layers. With waterproof splash design, LIDAR and computer-vision do mapping, navigation and obstacle avoidance. The robots have optional 4G module and optional video remote monitoring; it can be equipped with elevator control module, gate access control and other third-party security modules, which can freely and accurately access the gate, automatic door, elevator and so on.
    DSR02 indoor delivery service robot can walk remotely or according to a predetermined fixed route; can configure front-end camera AI algorithm (face recognition); equipped with automatic charging dock. It can automatically return to charging dock after work, to achieve uninterrupted work for 7X24 hours.
    Now there are three different P/N for this family: DSR02-A, DSR02-B and DSR02-C. All these models have same moving-base, only the payload feature are different. Please see following photos.

DSR01/02 Delivery Service Robot specification:
Basic Functions LIDAR SLAM/ Room Delivery Service/ Vision Surveillance/ Auto-Charging
Recommended application Restaurant, Hotel & Hospital delivery goods serveice.
Size and weight 52X48X125cm, 40Kg
Storage cabin volume Three layers 40x40x30cm
Max. load weight 3x15Kg.
Open/Close storage cabin Touch LCD operating, use password or scan QR code provided.
Localization & Navigation LIDARs is used as main SLAM, Computer-vision supported.
Motors & driving Two wheel differential drive, Integrated 2X150 hub-wheel motor, high efficiency and low noise.
Main hardware The main board is industrial PC, CPU is core I5 processor, 8G RAM, auxiliary board is ARM arch.
Robot software system Main O/S is LINUX, with ROS to communicate and cooperate with each function modules.
Remote Communication Based on P2P peer to peer communication architecture, which is suitable for LAN and WAN.
Client Software Provide client monitoring software, PC O/S is WIN7 or above; provide SDK for customer development.
Robot motion features Walking speed is 0.2 to 1.0 m/sec, maximum climbing angle is 10 degrees, and turning radius is 0.25m.
Obstacle Avoidance Laser radar scanning, ultrasonic detection and mechanical anti-collision switch three safe.
Battery Specification The built-in battery is 24V14AH VRLA.
Automatic Charging After the task is completed, will automatically back to charging station to supply energy.
Maximum walking distance For a fully charged robot, it can walk continuously up to 3000M.
DSR02-C view hospital delivery robot
DSR02-A view hotel delivery robot
DSR02-B view restaurant delivery robot

Click here to download user manual.

Click here to see a really application video.

Click here to see the user video.

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