Outdoor Patrol Robot
Designed for outdoor unmanned field patrol inspection.

M200 Outdoor Patrol Robot
     M200 is an outdoor patrol robot, which was designed for factory field, transformer station, chemical plant and similar applicatin, to perform unmanned field patrol inspection. M200 uses four driving-wheels chassis, default height is 93 cm and base size is 80cm x 62cm. With waterproof splash design, 50 meter outdoor LIDAR do SLAM main job and with RGBD camera perform obstacle avoidance. It can autonomously move the navigation function, automatically walk to the specified position, with build-in vision AI module, M200 robot can recognize no-authorization human, analyze the operation status of inassigned equipments or objects. According to the alarm conditions set by the user, real-time alarm messages and scene video can be sent to the designated person immediately when found somethings abnormal. With FLIR infrared thermal camera, M200 inspection patrol robot can no contact measure the view window objects' temperature data and distribution. If the temperature anomaly appears, alarm messages and scene photos will be sent to registed person.

M200 Outdoor field Patrol Robot Specification:
Basic Functions Self navigation/ device monitoring/ vision surveillance/ timing patrol/ auto-charging/ report generation
Recommended application IDC data center, automatic workshop, power switching room and so on.
Size and weight Height:93CM, Base size:80X62CM,Net weight:58KG(include 28Ah 24V LiFePO4 battery)
Localization & Navigation The 2D laser radar is used to scan the object position information around the robot to realize SLMA.
Motors & driving Two wheel differential drive, Integrated 2X300 hub-wheel motor, high efficiency and low noise.
Optical Video Capture Standard HD IPC camera, the image quality can reach 1920X1080 pixels.
Infrared thermal image Optional FLIR AX8 infrared thermal imager. Temperature range is -10 to 150 degrees Celsius.
Main hardware The main board is industrial PC, CPU is core I5 processor, 8G RAM, auxiliary board is ARM arch.
Robot software system Main O/S is LINUX, with ROS Kinetic to communicate and cooperate with each function modules.
Vision AI algorithm AI recognition algorithm based on OPENCV and machine learning algorithm.
Remote Communication Standard 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi LAN or WAN network required.
Client Software Provide client monitoring software, PC O/S is WIN7 or above; provide SDK for customer development.
Robot motion features Cruising speed is 0.2 to 1.5 m/sec, maximum climbing angle is 10 degrees, and turning radius is 0.25m.
Camera platform moving Horizontal rotation angle: -180 to +180 degrees, pitch rotation angle: -50 to +80 degrees.
Obstacle Avoidance Laser radar scanning, ultrasonic detection and mechanical anti-collision switch three safe.
Battery Specification The built-in battery of the MR9 is 24V28AH LiFePO4 type.
Automatic Charging After the task is completed, will automatically back to charging station to supply energy.
Maximum walking distance For a fully charged robot, it can walk continuously up to 10kM or 6 hours.
M200 drawing-1 outdoor patrol robot
M200 client UI factory patrol robot
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